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Lucille Reznik, September 2009

A Delight.

One of the “delights” who people the MJRC meetings is Mrs. Lucille Reznik. This vibrant, joy of a lady shares our passion for music.

With her, this started early. She tells that when as a baby she would be whimpering or crying, her father would place the earphones to her ears so she could listen to the music. The music worked, and remains a source of pleasure to her. She recounts that her father was always singing, and gave her this gift of its enjoyment.

She was born in Detroit on the east side. Later, the family moved to a five acre farm in Royal Oak. When the relatives came to visit the evening’s entertainment was always standing around the roller piano and singing the popular music of the day. This set the pattern for her enjoyment of the company of others coupled with music.

Lucille observes that the technology of the way we listen to and experience music has changed from the crank victrola of her early years with her family to today’s menu of electronic options. The participatory nature of the individual has changed.

Today she is very supportive of the live music performances in the area. She is fond of the recorded music that spans the tapestry of her lifetime. In talking she shared names of some of her favorites, some I was familiar with, some not. She has a wonderful collection of print music. Lucille is also a lover of pulling out the stops of her organ to play and sing “when no one is around.” This is her secret pleasure. Her piano is also her ally in this.

As a young lady of twenty-one she married Steve Reznik in December, 1942, just after she had graduated from her nursing training program. Her husband went into the service right after, and with her training she was able to follow and obtain work . This gave her an opportunity to see and experience other areas of the country. She is the proud mother of a daughter and three sons (one is deceased). She lost her husband in the 90’s. .

She was active professionally as a nurse for thirty-one years and volunteered in the hospital for an additional ten. She has volunteered with the library and the Birmingham Community House.

Her assistance goes beyond those formal volunteer efforts. I remember with pleasure the Danish she has baked and shared, and her wonderful baked goods for the MJRC twenty-fifth anniversary celebration.

Musically she favors the familiar. The pieces are from a span of music styles, but focus on an identifiable melody.

This upbeat lady comments that there have been times of difficulty, but one picks up and goes on. In her there us a deep love of home, of place, her organ and piano, and the company of friends. We are pleased that she includes the MJRC as one of her activities.